My Short Stories

I have written several short stories.  Four have been published. Here are some of them.


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The Haunted Library (children's)


This story is about our local library, the Raritan Public Library, a historic building reputed to be haunted.  My story revolves around a ghost boy living in the library.  It was featured as the opening story in Dark Dreams: Tales of Terror.


Heartless (children's)


What do you do when you're being chased by a vampire that can't be killed?  A vampire--that has no heart?   This story was also published in Dark Dreams: Tales of Terror.


Flyboy (children's)


A young boy learns how to fly--from a ghost! Published in Ghostly Tales of Terror.


Sandy Claws Secrets (adult horror)


Santa Claws has a terrible secret.   Every year, one child, the nicest on the nice list, is granted his greatest wish.  Another child, the worst on his naughty list, is punished with horrific punishment.


This was featured as the opening story in Christmas is Dead Again.



Now, I want to add a plug for my friend Rebecca Besser, who edited two of the above books and who has written and edited many books, most notably "Undead Drive Through."   She read my short stories and loved them enough to include them in the books.  She's a terrific person, and a terrific writer. 

Click here for her website!

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