I have several novels in various stages of development. 


The Jefferson Bible Code


My first novel, the Jefferon Bible Code.  I finished my first draft at a whopping 200,000 words--too long, by all accounts, for a first time novelist.  I plan to return to this novel and the massive task of redrafting, condensing, and improving this work. 


It is a story revolving around a real book in history:  "The Philosophy of Jesus" by Thomas Jefferson, which he wrote from extracts from the Gospels and was the original "Jefferson Bible."  The book is lost to history, though a later, different version called "The Life and Morals of Jesus" still exists, and has been published as "The Jefferson Bible."


In my novel, Jefferson passed the original book down to one of his slaves, but the book also contained a secret code.  A century and a half later, in the 1970s, a church was burned down and a pastor murdered, kicking off the hunt for the original Jefferson Bible and the secret it contained.  A boy survived the fire, but as the sole witness of the pastor's murder, was left with emotional scars.   He grows up to become a minister, but when a message from a childhood friend leads him to an historic site in Pennslyvania, launching him into a mystery that leads him to the secret of the Jefferson Bible Code.

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The Jefferson Bible Code

The Road to Hell

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